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Posted: Dec 18 2010

Edward Murillo wrote-
"How many try's did andrew get that kickflip on the fucken huge gap on stay gold?"

Andrew Reynolds wrote back-

"I went up to the school one time to try it, and when I got there, I didn't have any crew members to get me hyped, and I was looking at it, and I just was to scared to try! But at the same school are these little rails, and I got the half cab heel nose, so the trip up north wasn't a complete waste of time. We were up there again probably 6 months later and it was cold, but this time all the crew was there and I was kickflipping this 6 every try, so I said "fuck it I'm gonna try today". I never ollied it, I just threw out a few kickflips and realized my feet could take it, then tryed like 20 times and the first one I landed on I rolled away! I was hyped! Thanks for asking, keep shredding!"

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