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Andrew Reynolds "Made Chapter 2" B-Sides

Posted November 9, 2016

Drew was SOTY in 1998. Think about that for moment before you watch him absolutely crush it for the next 6 minutes. Whether it’s the fountain of youth or unrivaled drive, he’s still at the top of his game. We all know what he’s accomplished over the years, but seeing these high speed ledges lines in the B-Sides is so damn rad.

Bryan Herman's "Made Chapter 2" B-Sides

Posted October 31, 2016

Style is King and everything that Herm Dog does on a skateboard looks great. Here’s 7 minutes of pure stoke to start off your week.

Spanky's "Made Chapter 2" B-Sides

Posted October 24, 2016

It ain’t a comeback, because he never really left, but let’s call it a RESURGENCE. After years in the skateboarding spotlight, Spanky is ripping harder than ever. Like fine wine, my friends...

Figgy's "Made Chapter 2" B-Sides

Posted October 17, 2016

It's one of the gnarliest parts you'll ever see, but the literally bone-crunching work that went into it is even more impressive. Figgy is SKATE AND DESTROY embodied.

Terry Kennedy: Second Chances by VICE

Posted October 11, 2016

Terry Kennedy
Professional skateboarder Terry Kennedy sits down with VICE to have an intimate conversation about loss, family and redemption.