Baker Skateboards


Posted September 16, 2012

Half the crew went home in the other van, we on a mission for one last stunt. Enthusiasm is screaming out of Spanky as we drive to somewhere.

These guys help coordinate the music to help hype you up for the stunts!

Melted back row. We stay smokin

Met up with legendary photographer in the skate game Joe Brook at this secret spot on the way into sf. Its a bust by a really nice school teacher telling us to move on. Joe breaks down the story of how the old Birdhouse van is now sitting behind us now. Its an epic story, one that deserves a Thrasher article, just sayin!

America! The story about the giant american flag is also equally as epic! Joe's a G!!!

Had to do it, typical out of towner takin pictures of this giant bridge.

Make it into Thrasher offices for a hello

First stop is ground floor Shmittys office. We make ourselves comfortable.

Shmitty takes us up stairs where Jake may or may not of just awakened.

and the grand tour begins for those first timers.

Tony jumps out of his office to say what up. What up g!!!

Into jakes office the legendary stories keep em coming

like this

jake would point to a random cover and know the trick and skater, skills

Advertising player Eben in his work space

Tony is busy every damn day to say the least. Nailing life!

can never remember this rad dudes name but thanks as always g! You cool

Thrasher raid!!!

"what am i allowed to grab? anything? get the fuck out of here!!!" - CJ just lost his mind!

G's on deck! Hubert, Herman, Tony

Show up to this beast for our stunt. Just as we arrive the principal shows up to shut us down. thats when Beagle the negotiator kicks in. Needless to say beagle persuaded him to let us stay

Herman just blessed Shmitty's board with some junt!

Shmitty trying to get sneaky with his new gh2 toy. i see you!

got em


hightech tripod system in effect

undercover brotha in there, you know!

A few roll ups and its go time! Stunts!!!

Fuck an ollie, CJ goes straight for it and loses a shoe on the first attempt.

Pick up change on a lost shoe

3rd try stomp the yard!!! Crew comes in hot from the blocks to congratulate a player!

high five? nope this ones hugging material!

Fuck yeah! Set out on a mission this morning and did the damn!

Check the Replay on Herm Dogg's Dad cam

Now thats ridin clean!

Herm trys to find his board for the next spot, Time for some van tetris

if you know you know, its funny! haha

Hit up a couple more spots then hit the road. Leave this Xmas bush decorations as we clean the van out. Thanks to everyone that showed us love on this trip! Bake And Destroy Dropping in thrasher november!