Baker Skateboards


Posted September 10, 2012

Important stuff going down in the skate tank this morning.

Gear check. Shane wins!

Wussup Sacto, bring me to your spots!

colored walls had Herman dancing.

Viewing party. The good homie Massimo showed up with an iPhone loaded with spots.

Say we won't!

Drew picks up some breakfast for the crew from a road cart across the way

So bomb!

Bowse man powered up!

Herm Dogg not social mediating

Massimo shows us this bump to grind spot right down the street for warm ups.

Chicken wax! What else you gonna use? Duh

Riley with ease all the way to the bank

super man that ho!

lean wit it

Herman gliding through

Dee and baca found some make shift transition

it gets stressful on trips

Baker Baker Baker!!!


Clean up Crew come to attention!

Crispy beagle likes what he sees

Bout to go down

CJ going to war

West side doggie, shout out to Moose!

CJ has some stories to tell to say  the least


Ledge over gap for herman as beagle picks his picnic spot

Riley has jeff thinking "should I insta this spot or not?

CJ headed up stream on this one


Real smooth

Two homies just tryin' to thrash it!

Mean mug picture

The approach

I dont think he's impressed yet


"Doug?! You in here gettin artsy?" - Neck

Stadium and lawn seating available at this spot.

Hmm thats funny

Epic stance

Wipe me down! Neck gives the van a proper cleaning

Herman keepin it 100% G-Code! Done and bought me and him lawn chairs for the next spot! Thanks homie!

Tweest, Lawn chairs, peanuts, tall cans? Check, we set! Posted in style at the bump to rail!

Some good camp fire stories

Its not Digiorno's but it will do for dinner

Float tries to keep warm from the generator heat, dont mind the exhaust fumes

Riley stomped the yard!

CJ kept gettin his chair kicked out from underneath him, i wonder why

"No! Not this time spanky!" - CJ

Cool will do jumps of the high dive instead

wake up dee!!! Hit one more late night spot and call it a night. WOW!