Baker Skateboards


Posted September 5, 2012

Wake up to tweest and Herman breakin down some heavy knowledge


Raid on drew and Shanes room

thats how you stay ready!!!

Spanky and Braydon finishing their breakfast

More breakfast drinks out front

Hambone nowison ready to bake and destroy san jose!

Mike White smokes about a pack a day. Beagle loves it


Happy Fuckin Birthday Neck!!! todays gonna be a long one

Braydon was talking about something so spanky nailed him with a beer. "Its necks birthday, shut up!" -Spanky

Pocket boom box dont leave Shane's side. Pretty classy!

Get in the van fool lets go!

First spot of the day was Figgy thrasher cover ditch next to a not busy freeway at all. Don't mind us

And here it is

Who's first?

Herm Dogg rushes the bump to running man out. still nailed it

Lenoce mashin in

Over that. Thing is way harder to skate than it looks

CJ says fuck the bump and goes in from opposite end for a nose slide

Time for a build!

Moments later Riley slashes through the bump to grind! Victory 5's!

Booo yahhhh! Everyone races in!

Still setting in for Riley, that shit was sick!

Beagle had the joint in his hand while filming, thats talent! Pass of to herman while tk high fivers in the background!

Photo Review, you know it came out perfect, Hambone shot it!

Nailed it!

Beagle still got the joint, let me get that!

That was sick!

Starbucks and next spot?

Next spot was a cliffhanger

Gap to get shocked grind. Cars in the way means maybe next time.

Drew Cliffhangers it back to the van

"Yeah Drew!" - Van support

Spanky thought of a new use for the sample hat i gave him. Rally Baker caps go!

Spot we peeped the night before looks kinda better in the light.

Slappy sesh goin down!

Riley lockin in.

Right in your face


Spanky pop off!

Jim Grecos Torture blocks!!! We can't resist the temptation. Dee eyes this beast down

The homies hype Dee up, well at least Terry did

Chicken Bone Nowison!!! Dee just stomped the fuckin yard!!!

Down the hall way is this newer double set CJ wanted to see

The crowd gets their sets ready

Beagles tee says it all

Raftin knows of this new school with a long ass rail. Riley is hyped!

Dee front boards for lunch

Riley rifling off tricks on his thing

Drew is just spitting some raps in his sleep, no big deal. Time to drive out to Neckface's hood in stockton for a birthday feast!

We roll into stockton and the family's house is full of food and decorations for their lil Neckface!

We here to party!

The family takes us up to the Neck museum

A baker series neck did awhile back along with all sorts of cool shit!

And here is some cool shit!

This things going down soon enough

Necks dad helped cook a lot of the food and makes sure we have some well toasted tortillas. He's a g!

Time for a lil break, you earned it monn

Margarita Momma!!! Necks mom is gonna blow Beagle's fucking mind!

Yep, lost it! This guy loves margartias

Old baker stories get thrown around the camp fire

thats a huge lime, what y'all feeding this?

Neck's cousin picks up Hambones cam and almost drops it scared by the sequence flash.

ill take that back now

Cheers fuckers!

who's this? Should know better than to leave family photos around when we stop by.

Time to hook this pinata up to the tree out front.

time to whack the shit out this thing!

got to hang it up high

he got it

Momma Neck hooks her son up for the first swing

spins for awhile

NOt the tree son

Didn't break it but snapped the cord, quick repair and its back up

The "Blurry One" is up next!

One slice and its done.

what motha fucka

Bowse man is up


Braydon tries to ensure no peeking

Neck lines him up. Necks cousin decides to hang on to the piñata, better move fool

"No dont!" - necks cousin. Fool move he can't see!


Braydon up next

Necks dad has a lil surprise for him

Gotcha fool! HA!

Thats not it

Damn fool take it easy on my broom

My dad got you good!

Like a G! Good work!

Shits about to get real

This is gonna be fast

everyone moved the fuck back as you hear the noise of the zebra stick whizzing towards your face.

killed it!

The come up


Whats a Tour / bday /  or any day with neck without a firework show?

Sick! Hurry inside before the cops come

CJ spitin hot fire!

Bday cake!



You the "Burry One" necks mom has given him a new nickname

This place is the shit!

TK bout to Walk In, then I turnt Up!!!


and we out!


father and son

not serious pose

Thanks to Necks family for everything!!!

see we responsible. Sober riley gonna ride us out of here

Mello crew, huh thats funny Herman. You just ate a full meal but there you are again into my peanuts. They good huh

Thanks to Rileys skills, we get to the hotel in one piece.

Thanks G!

The bandana

Whys your cam microphone so lazy beagle?

We tuck Spanky in for the night and continue to party.