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  • G-CODE!!! Switch f/s heelflip picknick table
  • Killin' it!
  • Blunts! Booze! Beagle! Massive firecracker
  • Oh fuck!!! Sorry Theotis, it was the only seat nobody was in...
  • "Big money, big cars, who the fuck you think we are. We livin' like superstarz, stuntin' on all y'all" - Terry Kennedy Fly Society. Fakie b/s lipslide
  • Hoe's Up! Boards Down!
  • Andrew Reynolds is retiring from skateboarding!...
  • B/s Heelflip
  • Just kidding!!! B/s heelflip
  • The future of Baker depends on this guy! Braydon Szafranski "Rookie Of The Year"
  • Functional fuck up!!! Massive f/s flip quarter-pipe lipslide
  • While you were skating... Kevin "Spanky" Long
  • BAKER!
  • Hail Sammy! Rail ride rollercoaster
  • Two generations deep in Bakerism!
  • Jim Greco has a Deathwish!